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Company profile

PT. Safarijunie Textindo Industry was established in 1990, exactly on May 1 , 1990 on 70.291 M2 and began to be activated in 1994 at a strategic location on the way of Solo - Semarang Km 15 , Desa Batan , Kecamatan Banyudono , Kabupaten Boyolali, Jawa Tengah.

This is a Textile Industry processing threads into cloth materials or Greige (Weaving) , and Greige cloth in Finished Cloth (Bleaching Finishing Process). The Final product from processing in PT. SafariJunie Textindo Industry can be used into Painting Process and Dyeing Process.

With the combinations of technology and skillful human resources as well as professional management, PT SafariJunie Textindo Industry becomes one of Textile Industries that put quality products into priority for the purpose of customers satisfaction.

As a Textile Industry of good quality products , PT SafariJunie Textindo Industry has an excellent product named Rayon. One of environmental cares , PT SafariJunie Textindo Industry has provided a waste processing which is one of the important rules in raising Textile Industry image and gaining National and International recognition as well as becoming an example especially in the field of Textile Industry in indonesia.

  Gedung Hailai, JL. Adi Sucipto 146 Solo - Indonesia
Telp : 62-271-731600
Fax : 62-271-731700
E-mail :

To keep quality product and service increasing for customers satisfaction